What is life coaching?

Life Coach vs Personal Trainer

Exercise your mind

If you book in to see a personal trainer, you've probably got an idea that something needs to change. You'll either have want to loose weight, gain weight, improve fitness or maybe you're training to a specific event?

The first question your trainer will ask you is "what is your goal / your aim / what do you want to achieve?" If they're a good trainer they'll help make it specific, you want to lose 18lbs, you want to be a size 12, you want your body fat below 9%, or you want to be able to run 10k in 60 minutes. If they're really good, they'll help set you a realistic time frame, "in the next 6 months."

And chances are, you'll have an expectation of what that person will do for you. They'll work with you to design a training plan, give you a “friendly push” when you need it, motivate and and inspire you to keep going.

What you may not expect is how this impacts the other areas of your life, suddenly you'll find your energy and motivation in other areas increases, you feel more purposeful, you have more confidence – bonus! Success leads to success.

6 months later, when you’ve pressed through the difficult days, when you really couldn’t be bothered with that early session, or you were hung over or too busy, they’ll celebrate with you as you hit your goal.

Why should this principal be restricted to just your physical health/fitness? It is equally as important that we exercise our minds? Life coaching does just that, in almost exactly the same way.

How does life coaching work?

Your coach will help you pin down a goal / aim / achievement. They’ll help you think about the specifics, make it feel real and help you set yourself a realistic time frame. They’ll help you work up a plan of what you could do to get there, helping you weigh up all the options and pick the best route.

As with personal training, it’s much easier to stay on track if you’ve got someone there to work along side you as you implement your plan, motivating and inspiring you, giving you that friendly push when things get difficult.

And if things aren’t going according to plan they’ll help you to refocus and get back on track, adjust your plan, understand what went wrong and take a positive learning from it.

Equally you’ll find the benefits are not contained to the specific area on which you’re focused; but your energy and motivation in other areas increases, you’ll feel more purposeful and have more confidence – bonus! Like I said… success leads to success.

And when you get there, having pressed through the difficult days when you really couldn’t be bothered, or you were hung over or too busy, they’ll celebrate with you as you. Mission accomplished!

So… what is life coaching? Personal training for your mind.

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